Property Maintenance

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As a comprehensive property management company, Cabrera employs in-house maintenance personnel to handle all types of odds-and-ends jobs for your property: hotels and motels, shore homes and condominiums. Depending on the property and the extent of the job, our management company can apply a fee that considers time and materials or a contracted, all-inclusive rate.

A team member sweeping for our property management company.

We can help with jobs like:

  • Snow removal (we will shovel and salt your walkways and clean your porches)
  • Interior and exterior painting
  • Light carpentry
  • Custodial work (sweeping parking lot, cleaning stairwells, etc.)
  • Trash and recycling service (taking cans to the curb and bringing them back in, cleaning of trash area, and cleaning of trash cans)
  • Minor landscaping work
  • Handyman jobs (no job is too big or small)
  • Toilet plunging and related work
  • Pool and spa start-up, winterize, daily maintenance, backwashing, and testing (CPO service)

One of the properties who uses our property maintenance services

Our property management company does have in-house personnel that can handle most jobs but if there is a job that is too big or too technical for us to handle, we’re able to defer to professional contractors that we work alongside. Our contractors can perform tasks in the areas of electrical work, plumbing, landscaping, major development, carpentry, etc.

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