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Cabrera Property Management offers Condominium Association and Homeowner Associations services that include pool and space maintenance, bookkeeping, financial reporting, project management, property maintenance, on-site staffing, cleaning, contractor coordination and referrals, and much more. If you want fast service with good communication, Cabrera is the name to turn to in the Atlantic and Cape May County, NJ region.

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Administrative Management

Cabrera Property Management will attend annual meetings for or with your Association as needed. We will manage your condominium under the provisions of the New Jersey Condominium Act and Association by-laws. Our New Jersey Property Management team will solicit bids and negotiate contracts, assist association regarding policy and enforcement, and interface with committees and homeowners as required. Cabrera Property Management will employ all necessary staff to manage your needs. We provide superior management services for community associations and vacation homes. We even offer an emergency call service to reach owners in the event of an emergency.

Maintenance & Grounds Management

Cabrera Property Management will oversee on-site maintenance and perform periodic site inspections. We will communicate and work with local officials as necessary. Options are available (at additional expense) if your association requests our management company to perform maintenance and custodial duties such as snow removal, landscaping, grounds cleaning, trash and recycling. With our services you get emergency call service to handle any fire alarms, elevator issues, governmental inspections and more.

Our NJ property management covers maintenance and grounds management to keep your pool area clean!
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Financial Management

Cabrera Property Management will do budget preparation, assist with reserve planning and provide monthly financial reports. Our NJ Property Management team will perform maintenance, fee collection and processing, enforcement of collection policy, and interaction with legal professionals in pursuit of collections. We will make accounts payable disbursements in accordance with policy and review sources and expenses for supplies. Cabrera Property Management will interact with accountants and auditors in order to establish/review bid processes and policies, and will recommend reputable professionals and suppliers.

Pool Management

Cabrera Property Management will oversee pool operation per NJ State statute. As a Certified Pool Operator, (CPO) we’ll ensure water testing, daily vacuuming, water chemistry, pool and deck cleaning, backwashing, meeting with state inspectors and/or contracting an independent testing company. (At an additional expense*)

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