Association Enforcement Package

For Associations that want enforcement but can't afford to have a dedicated full-time person assigned to the property. CPM is offering an optional service designed to keep your costs down and still get enforcement by a professional other than a maintenance person. In essence you are "sharing" an "enforcement" person with other Associations.

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What You Get:

June 19 to September 6

    • Parking spot tag enforcement
    • Pool and Spa rules
    • Items left in hallways/walkways
    • Items hanging from railings
    • Pool tag enforcement if applicable
    • Reasonable compliance to all Rules and Regulations of the Association
  1. The program includes a (3) three (5) five or (7) seven day packages. The three day package is Fri-Sat-Sun and the 5 day is Thurs-Mon (no Tues/Weds). On these days our "enforcer" will stop by the proeprty throughout the day and look for any areas that the Board wants us to reasonably enforce (see above examples) from 11am-5pm with extended hours to 6pm on Saturdays (the heaviest check-in day).
  2. Enforcer will issue Violation notices to owners, and communicate to Board for any follow-up such as fines, letters, etc.
  3. This package also gives the Board someone to contact by cell, text and email when they see violations that need to be followed up on.
  4. If necessary the enforcement person will photo document any violations as well from their iPhone or iPad.


3 Day Program (Fri-Sun)
A. $2000 (less than 20 Units)*
B. $2500 (20+ Units)

5 Day Program (Thurs-Mon)
A. $3000 (less than 20 Units)
B. $3500 (20+ Units)

7 Day Program
A. $4000 (less than 20 Units)
B. $4500 (20+ Units)

*Payments made in four (4) installments, June, July, August, and September.

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