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Welcome to Cabrera Property Management!

With nearly 20 years of experience in the business, we know what it takes to keep a property not only updated and clean, but safe. We offer a wide range of property management services to keep your property in tip-top shape year-round, including:

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Condo Association Management – Cabrera will provide complete, overarching services to keep every aspect of your condo visitor-ready all year round. This includes project management, on-site staffing, cleaning, and more!

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Association Enforcement – If you’re seeking an enforcement employee but can’t afford to bring someone on full-time, Cabrera offers a “bundle” deal with other Associations, so you are essentially “sharing” an enforcement employee with other Associations in the area.

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Project Management – Cabrera offers full-service support with maintenance, contractor hiring, legal involvements, and all other aspects of managing a rental property.

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Property Maintenance – Finding a reputable maintenance company can be challenging. Let our in-house personnel come out to handle general maintenance requests, and outsource for you if we can’t perform a task.

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Pool and Spa Services – We are a certified pool operator! We can perform daily maintenance such as water testing, meeting with inspectors, cleaning, and much more.

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Property Watch – Peace of mind is of the utmost importance with rental properties. While the properties are unoccupied off-season, we are happy to provide a Property Watch service, so homeowners can feel at ease knowing their property is being monitored.

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Home Improvements – Cabrera is proud to be a registered New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor for the South Jersey area. We are able to perform a variety of home improvement services for your property to keep the visitors coming back year after year!

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Property MGT Assistance Program – Even if we don’t rent your home out for you, our management services are still available to you. You can get key service, emergency call capability, lockbox service, and more through us even if you rent your home on your own or through another company.

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Garbage/Recycling – No one likes dealing with trash and recycling; let us take care of it! We’ll bring the property’s trash and recycling to the curb on the specified, and we’ll return them to the property later in the day.

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Owner Downloads – Click on any of our downloadable forms to get started with Cabrera Property Management services today!

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