COVID-19 Notice

Cabrera Property Management rep in mask


As Cape May County prepares to open in a safe and well thought out manner, it is very clear that the COVID crisis has changed the way all businesses plan to open and operate.

Your owners, guests, vendors, (including our staff), and others, will want to feel safe and comfortable when coming onto the property. All will want to know what you are doing, with assistance from your management company, for sanitization of common areas, both preventive and daily, and to maintain social distancing, such as how residents should conduct themselves while using the common areas.

In light of the above, Cabrera Property Management has developed the attached "Stay Safe" guidelines/protocols, that we are suggesting all adopt to meet criteria from the State, County and health agencies and to help ease concerns at the property this season.

Please review the attached Plan along with the specifications; directing any questions to me directly.

We respectfully request notice of participation no later than close of business Monday, May 11, 2020.

CPM Plan      Sani Station     BioBlasting     BioBlasting Video

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Cabrera Property Management COVID-19 Signage for Your Property

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How to protect yourself and others chart
COVID-19 Pool Instructions
Covid-19 Elevator safety guidelines
Cabrera Property Management rep in mask Cabrera Property Management rep in mask Pool social distancing notice